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Voodoo Fall Competition: win $1M for big hits 🔥
This week, we kicked off our Fall Game Competition, where you have two full months to submit your prototypes and win unlimited prizes. Check out all the details and sign up below.

This Fall, we’re on the lookout for the next hyper-casual hits. It’s time to bring something new to the table, explore hyper-casual games with depth, and create hits that are here for the long term. 

This week, we launched our Fall Competition, which is looking to do just that. We’re offering multiple prizes that range from $1M for big hits to $10k for great ideas with strong metrics, and there’s no cap on these prizes. The more hot protos you submit, the more prizes you can win. With continuous support and inspiration from our Publishing and Product teams, we can help you ideate in the right direction, breaking down our knowledge of how to create a hit game, as well as up-to-date information about what’s hot and what’s trending right now. 

The official competition kick-off took place on Thursday 7th October, and you can check out the replay right here.

🎥  Kick-off Replay

And here’s the full breakdown of the prizes and timeline.  


🥇 $1M

minimum guarantee for all games that exceed 5M downloads on iOS US in the first four months following the full launch. 

🥈 $200k 

minimum guarantee for any launched and confirmed games during, or as a result of, the competition. 

🥉 $10k

 for all prototypes that hit a $0.20 CPI and 30% D1 on Android, or $0.30 CPI and 30% D1 on iOS. 

📨   $100k

 if you refer a studio that makes a confirmed hit game from the competition. 


This time around we’re giving you two full months to submit your prototypes, so plenty of time to ideate, prototype, submit, and test. The official deadline to submit your game is December 10th at midnight CET.

You can also take a look at the full terms and conditions here

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