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A snackable guide to partnering with Voodoo
Wondering what it's like to partner with Voodoo? Check out the latest from our international Publishing team.

We’re constantly levelling up our studio partnerships according to feedback from studios and changes within the industry. To give you visibility on what it’s like to work with Voodoo today, here’s a rundown of what you can expect when your studio signs up. 

📈 Flexible Launch KPIs

Our Publishing Managers work closely with studios on each hot prototype, so launch decisions are studio-centric and super flexible. Our data-driven approach provides up-to-date targets for your game’s KPIs, but ultimately, we’re open to different metrics if your prototype shows potential.

If you have a higher CPI but strong retention metrics, then we’ll help drive down that CPI with our Creative team. If you have a low CPI but weak retention metrics, we’ll help drive those retention metrics up. And in either case, we’ll help you decide whether or not your game has enough potential to benefit your studio, or if your time would be more useful on another idea. Long story short, if it makes sense for your studio, it makes sense for us.

To take two examples from this year, Run Rich 3D was launched with a 12c CPI but a 5% D7. City Takeover was launched with a 62% D1 and 66-minute average playtime, but a 39c CPI. Both games have gone on to become strong Hits despite not initially hitting ‘target’ metrics across the board.

🔓  No Lock-in Periods 

With our extensive use of data and our years of experience, we’re able to determine whether or not your prototypes have the potential to become a hit and should move on to the development phase within a week. When you submit your first games to our Publishing Platform, and before you sign a contract with us, there’s absolutely no lock-in period. You are free to test your games elsewhere or self-publish them if that’s your preference.

💸  Commercial Model

Each studio we work with has a unique relationship with us. Some require financial support, others are willing to take some more risk to reap higher rewards - that’s why we’re now proposing a variety of commercial solutions for different studios. Hit games at Voodoo make on average over $1M net payouts for our studios, but can regularly be a multiple of this figure, even in just the first 12 months. We want to help you grow further once you’ve reached initial success.

📚 Coaching + Resources 

Our coaching and resources can keep your studio ahead of the game in three key ways. 

  1. Our international Publishing team is made up of product experts that will help you convert your high potential prototypes into worldwide Hits. Once you create an interesting prototype, you’ll team up with them directly and receive personalised coaching and feedback on a regular basis. 

  2. Our resources, including an e-learning platform, live streams, and market reports keep you up to date with best practices and current trends in the hyper-casual industry. We’re also building a Voodoo Academy for a complete, step by step guide on how to make Hit games, exclusively for our partner studios. 

  3. By working with Voodoo, you’re joining a community of top studios from around the world. With regular online and in-person events, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, learn, and draw inspiration from both the Voodoo teams and other hyper-casual studios.

If your studio’s ready to make some Hits, click on the link below and let’s get started!

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